Uber your Reporter / Stinger Network

See your Reporters on Map and Assign stories

Latest MoJo Tools

Power your network with mobile journalism apps and web tools

On Demand Reporting

Web reporting tools to enable on-demand online newsroom

Live Reporting

Live stream video broadcasting software with cool features

Assign local stories

Map local stories on maps and get covered by localized reporters

Why do you need a reporter management network ?

With the emergence of Web 2.0, the way content is generated has changed. In this new era of user generated content, multiple devices and numerous networks it is important to stay on top of all your sources of content. Hocalwire’s RMN helps you to stay on top of these hassles with ease. Working with more than 50 + clients, Hocalwire in its journey has developed processes and techniques, to help media organizations both small and large to stay on top of the daily content overflow. Experience the power of the new age technology powering Newsrooms desk and newsroom automation across domains.

Mobile Journalism ( MoJo Mobile )

  • Mobile Journalism Apps to stay connected with your network
  • Mojo Chat mobile phone features
  • Reporter App for offline reporting
  • Changing your mobiles into MoJo Smartphones
  • Report & Stream live News from your Mobile Phones
  • Tag your content source with locations
  • Journalism tools for the news age journalists

Compatible CMS Newsroom of choice

  • Best Reporter tools for the news age media
  • Digital Newsroom structure enabling easy newsroom workflow management
  • Integrate and distribute content through your Newspaper reporters
  • Editorial management software built for Web 2.0
  • Automate your social and feed based listening of breaking stories
  • Integrate with your existing CMS using Publish APIs
  • Easy to use Web based reporting tools
  • News rundown software and automated Video generation

On-Demand Network

  • Enable Freelance journalists to contribute content
  • Use the power of Newsroom Automation to automatically sort through good stories
  • Know where your reporter network is on a live map
  • Assign stories to your network based on checklists
  • Get the best of out your freelance reporter
  • News reporter Desk, Desk reporter & Assignment desk in one package

Take Analytics backed decisions

  • Newsroom management system with in built analytics
  • Newscast software and analytics in one place
  • Newsroom suites which are extendable with analytics plugins
  • Journalism toolbox to create great content
  • Measure impact of content across multiple channels like Social media, SEO, Mailers ..etc
  • Online Newsroom with live analytics